The Burberry Beauty Box Experience

by - 14:28

During last week's trip to London I couldn't resist a stop-off at the Burberry Beauty Box in Covent Garden. Burberry is one of few beauty brands I have not forayed into, mainly due to the fact it is only stocked in London department stores and online; but word on the street is that the brand is soon to be making an appearance into Boots and Debenhams counters, hurrah! I have one of the Burberry Lip Glow glosses which I adore, so if that was anything to go by, I knew I wouldn't be disappointed. So, half an hour and a glass of champagne later, I left one very happy lady with a bag full of new make-up goodies! 

I was greeted by the loveliest make-up artist, Patrice, who was just an absolute babe! My foundation and skin in general that day was looking pretty rubbish so, as I'd heard wonderful things about the Burberry foundation, I was eager to try something new! The wonder woman that is Patrice sat me down and removed all of my cakey make-up and instead left me with a glowy, dewy and flawless base! 

She mixed the Fresh Glow Luminous Fluid Base in Nude Radiance with a moisturiser and applied this liberally onto my face, resulting in a beautiful radiant glow. She then went in with the Fresh Glow Foundation, a light to medium coverage foundation which left my skin super glowy and hydrated. Patrice finished off my base with a light dusting of the Nude Powder. I couldn't believe how luminous and flawless my skin looked, considering she hadn't even used any concealer! 

As well as the face products, I picked up one of the new Burberry Kisses Lipstick in Rose Pink, a beautiful muted, natural pink in a satin finish. I also went away with a handful of samples and a yearning for more Burberry make-up! 

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